Have the centralization attempts in the Middle East resulted in harm rather than benefit? What were the advantages of tribal government system in the Middle East countries?

In his presentation, Jan Byczkowski, doctoral student in international relations will discuss these questions and make a case for the potential emergence of libertarian order in the Middle East. Particularly, he will focus on the outcomes of tribal structure in the region and their similarities with libertarian understanding of decentralization.

Jan will also discuss both positive and negative aspects of this potential emergence. To do so, he will provide a brief analysis of historical experiences and current circumstances in the region.

Place: Friedrich Naumann Vakfı Cumhuriyet cad. Belvu Apt. No: 107 / 2 Elmadağ - Şişli / İSTANBUL

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Etkinlik Tarihi: 13 Mart 2015, Cuma Saat: 19:15

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