Almost a century after the end of World War I and consequent creation of nation-state system in the Middle East, the peace remains a rather foreign concept in this region. Throughout this time almost all of the states falled victims to bloody external or internal conflicts. Remaining few were kept in peace by means of developed apparatus of oppression. It is possible to understand emergence of centralised nation-state or its introduction by foreign powers as one of the root causes of today’s state of Middle East, deprived of freedom, peace, and stability. While discussing the matter, the degree of centralisation is rarely taken seriously as a key reason and decentralisation of any kind – as a possible solution. With the recent example of Iraq, rebuilded by USA as a “federal” state and ongoing discussion on “autonomy” and “federalism” in Turkey, distorted by activity of PKK, it will be worthy to analyse the topic in our Friday meeting. In the same time, it may be understood as follow-up of last year’s presentation – “The Potential for Libertarianism in the Middle East”.

Yer: Friedrich Naumann Vakfı Cumhuriyet cad. Belvu Apt. No: 107 / 2 Elmadağ - Şişli / İSTANBUL

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Etkinlik Tarihi: 19 Şubat 2016, Cuma Saat: 19:30

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