The Greek case

  • Alexandros Charkiolakis
  • 08 Temmuz 2015

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According to a recent poll 79% of the Greek population wishes to remain in the Eurozone and continue carry around and exchange the Euro. Despite this though, almost 61% of the voters said “No” to the referendum. To some, this might sound absurd, an act of self-inflicting pain, but actually if one is familiar with the Greek mentality it actually sounds the obvious. Many Greeks believe that Europe has caused them so much pain, blood, sweat and tears and that they all are not to be blamed for the tragic situation of the Greek economy and –to a further understanding- of the Greek society. None of them seems to remember which factors have caused our martyrdom so far: statism, crony capitalism, excess public spending, high pensions and many, many others. But suddenly, alas, none of those who voted “No” are to be blamed! And then, they decided to show their “dignity”, to voice their revolutionary self for whom they are so proud of, to look alike their honourable ancestors who always said “No”…All these of course remain in the realm of the imaginary. 

A society that grew with hundreds of urban legends and myths about Greek heroes that crash the opponents and resist, that there are so many outside enemies (neoliberalism, the Bilderberg Society, a whole understanding of the “other” as an enemy), finally a society that has been poisoned by the monster of populism with literary irreversible effects. And this didn’t start of course five months ago… It is a rotten disease that has entered the body of society and individuals and has been poisoning Greeks for decades. 

All of the above, pushed 40% of those who voted “No” to the referendum (there is a 21% that actually wants to exit the Euro) to believe that with this answer they could continue having the Euro!

And now? We are close to the end of the cliff…One might think that the correct ideological stance of a liberal would have been to ask for things to self-regulate, Greece to fail and default etc. Actually, probably this would have been the correct decision five years ago when the country signed the first Memorandum. However, the socialist government of the time didn’t want that. In 2015 though the stance of a liberal is to stand by those who want Greece to stay in the Eurozone and more effectively in the EU as a fully stated member. An exodus (another Greek word), a GRexit will be devastating, with immeasurable repercussions concerning liberties that have been achieved all these years. Rule of law will deteriorate and it will be the Rule of the Black Market. Remember, chaos is the perfect environment for those who want to install regimes unwanted by any democratic citizen. 

PS: It goes without saying that the Government didn’t even think of allowing us, Greeks who live abroad to vote at this referendum, they say they didn’t have the time to organize it and everything happened on a haste. I say that they didn’t want to face the cruel reality of the vast majority of those who have moved out of the country because of the continuous suppressing environment they have been experiencing for most of their adult life.    

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